Creating a Path from
Chronic Illness to Healing:
You Can do It!

“The navigating of life with chronic illness on any given day, while
simply trying to function in the
world, is a feat in itself. You are
braver than you may realize.”

Lisa Dennys, Author
Unveiling Lyme Disease: Is This What's Behind Your Chronic Illness?

7 Useful Tips for Keeping
       Your Spirit Strong
During Prolonged Illness

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What People Are Saying About the Book:

  • Richard I. Horowitz, MD

    Medical director, Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center
    Author of Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease
    Founding Member of ILADS

    Unveiling Lyme Disease is a well written and researched, plain talk patient guide to diagnosis, treatment, and day- to- day coping with the “great imitator", Lyme disease. Dennys, a former occupational therapist and Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner, provides a clear and compassionate roadmap for navigating  tick-borne diseases especially for Canadian patients. Readers will be especially moved by her own harrowing 30 year struggle to finding answers for her multiple symptoms and her lessons will be helpful for the hundreds of thousands of others struggling with tick-borne and other chronic disease. I highly recommend this book.

  • Nancy Raymond, MSMS, MS, RDN, FAARFM

    Optimal Health Solutions, LLC 

    Unveiling Lyme Disease by Lisa Dennys is a succinct, user-friendly guide that will fast track your search for finding the answers and help that you need to get you on the road to healing. She not only helps you free up the shame associated with chronic illness by validating your struggle, but also works to empower you with step by step directions for cutting through the confusion of diagnosis, and the development of your healthcare plan. If you are suffering from symptoms that will not resolve and are beginning to suspect Lyme disease, I recommend this book as your first step to empowerment and healing.

  • Lori Wilson

    Author of Demystifying…Medical Intuition
    Founder of Inner Access 101

    Lisa Dennys is about to take you on a journey that will change your life. Her genuineness asks us each to consider what lengths we are really willing to go, to become the "General Contractor" of our own health. She educates us about the realities and shortcomings of our health care systems and this mysterious disease with practicality and common sense. Rather than complaining or giving up, she provides top-notch skills and practical solutions for advocating for yourself, all the while managing day-to-day exhaustion. This book need be applied to all chronic health issues. You will gain an ally and real skills to find the right resources for your own complex health situation. What I appreciated the most is Lisa sharing the graphic and very real heroics of living with, let alone championing any chronic condition. This passionate voice sharing what people truly experience has been long overdue. This book is humbling and inspiring and should be mandatory reading for every human being.

Why Did I Write This Book? 

Hi, I’m Lisa Dennys. I wrote my book for chronically ill people who are determined to look deeper for answers to their health dilemma -- through accessing top-notch professional resources, as well as exploring the untapped potential within themselves.

In my coaching practice, I help people with chronic illness explore, understand
and cope with their daily challenges. 

Understanding what role your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits play in your ongoing illness is a key piece of your overall health recovery. You are more powerful than
you may realize in being able to create better daily function.

There are things you can learn about and change that can completely transform how you experience your illness—and take you from exhausted despair to a sense of greater control, mastery and peace of mind. This directly affects the function of your immune system,
nervous system and more--all of the cells of your body.

Self-discovery leads to greater self-awareness,
which is a critical contributor to true personal and health transformation.

I want my readers to realize that taking responsibility for how they manage their health
can change everything. There is always hope for new answers and a better outcome.

Inside The Book

You will discover:

  1. Why Lyme disease is called ‘the great imitator’ and how this disease epidemic is so widely under-recognized and undertreated.
  2. How to discern, access, and assemble a team of specialized health care resources to get the expert help you need to thoroughly evaluate you, pin down your diagnosis, and get you going on your recovery.
  3. Why the learned skills of navigating the online and in-person medical world, maximizing your day -to -day function and dealing with challenges to your mindset are necessary at every stage of your health care path, and solid tips for building those skills.
  4. Ways to understand the thoughts and emotions that you’re experiencing with your unique health care experience, so that you can live your life from a place of deeper personal power and self-acknowledgement.
  5. Links to valuable resources for further learning and support, so that you can get started right away on your path back to health.

About The Author

Lisa Dennys is an author, life coach and intuitive personal growth catalyst who has worked in health care and personal transformation fields since 1977. Her previous professional careers, as a Dr. of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and an Occupational Therapist, have given her a unique, holistic perspective on health and illness.
For over 30 years, Lisa has dealt with her own serious health concerns. A determined health detective, she has sought answers within and outside of the conventional medical system. After several decades of exhaustive and frustrating self-directed investigation and repeated misdiagnosis, she was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in early 2015. Her long path to a diagnosis, and now finally into treatment and recovery, has encompassed many challenging experiences and created deep personal transformation.
Lisa strongly believes that self-awareness and personal growth can create amazing life and health transformations. She guides people with chronic illness (including those with suspected or confirmed Lyme disease) to compassionately explore inside themselves. Here they find the strength and build the strategic step- by- step skills needed to forge a path to better health and greater peace of mind. 

7 Useful Tips for Keeping    
        Your Spirit Strong
During Prolonged Illness 

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