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Living with chronic illness is often a lonely, frustrating road where you feel misunderstood and wonder how you can ever find your way out.
Emotions can run high and be hard to tolerate. 
It can bring up every bit of grief, hurt, loss 
and trauma that you’ve ever had, that has 
accumulated from a young age, while you’ve 
been doing your best to just live your life.
So--how can you find a way to manage all of this?
    About Your Path to Inner Healing    
       Coaching Sessions with Lisa
Finding Answers That Are Hidden Inside Yourself
We’ve all been taught to look outside ourselves for our health answers. Finding the best, specific health care resources for your situation is truly a big key to feeling better. But many answers to improving your health can also be found inside of you. Your own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes not only shape your behaviours, but they biochemically affect all of the organs and systems of your body.
Here’s how looking inside of you works to create better health and ease while living with chronic illness:
  • - By raising your awareness and expression of the range of experiences you’re going through, the intensity of so many uncomfortable feelings that have been stirred up by chronic illness starts to lessen.
  • - When that intensity lessens, life gets easier to bear. You feel better about yourself. Your relationship stresses, so strained by illness, ease up.
  • - You regain a feeling of self-acceptance that leads to greater attention to daily self-care habits and a willingness to be kinder to yourself, and less judgemental.
  • - Your body responds to this lowered threshold of stress. Your hormones, nervous system and immune system get less cranky.
  • - The decisions you need to make about your health care get stronger and easier, because you come at them with less desperation and greater clarity.
  • - Your hope begins to re-emerge--and then you find that feelings of peaceful well-being just seem to naturally happen more and more in your life.
All of this is a process.  And it can be a gentle, rewarding and uplifting one.
I work with my clients in a unique way. In listening to you, asking questions and entering conversation, I access intuitive wisdom from your body, your emotions and sources beyond our everyday thinking mind. We reach through to your true self through our compassionate presence, curious inquiry, a measure of intuitive savvy, and your own willingness to explore.
In this unique one-on-one coaching process, you can:
1.     Learn how to be the ‘observer’ of your emotions and thoughts, so you can get a handle on how closely your emotions are connected to your healing, without feeling run over by them.
2.     Uncover subconscious limiting beliefs and influences that contribute to your daily stresses and create ways to shift your energy to a more hopeful and peaceful state.
3.     Build a deeper connection with your inner self, your body’s wisdom, and your intuitive side, which serves as a strong foundation for coping with your ongoing health challenges and day-to-day health and self-care decisions.
4.     Access intuitive ways to tune into wisdom and guidance that exists beyond your everyday thinking mind, creating deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance, and a feeling of greater peace and enjoyment in life.
This powerful phone or Skype-based coaching may be a great fit for you if:
  • - You want to honestly, gently and compassionately explore how your past and current emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours have been affecting your healing, so you can take the actions needed to raise your health and life to a new level.
  • - You’re already actively involved in a medical and/or holistic treatment plan to directly deal with the physical aspects of your long-term illness.
  • - You have the time and desire to nurture your emotional health and personal growth.
  • - You believe that positive change in your health and life situation is possible.

             How to connect with me:
Please click the Talk With Lisa button on the banner at the top of the page or just below here, to connect with my automated online scheduler to book your
30 -minute complimentary Discovery phone call. We’ll both get an automated email confirming your booking. I’ll email you a short intake form to fill out and return to me ahead of time as a jump-off for our conversation. We’ll discuss what your top priorities and concerns are and you can ask questions about how we would work togetherWe’ll talk and see if this process is a good fit for you or not.
Please be aware that although I’d love to help everyone who contacts me, in order to keep the high quality of service that I’m committed to providing in my one- on-one coaching process, I am accepting only a limited number of new clients.

Your Path to Inner Healing             
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Talk with Lisa

What Lisa’s Clients are Saying:

 “I feel like I can say anything that’s on my mind. Lisa is able to assimilate a lot of stuff I tell her, by listening and 
condensing it down to pull the ‘gold’ out! I value her entire skill set. She is able to use multiple sources of intuitive
wisdom in her work, and each one offers me different perspectives. If you want unbiased support to see what’s
really going on—a pattern, a habit, things in your life that keep repeating — or to let go of something when you feel
you just can’t move forward, Lisa will help you get to the root cause so you can fix it and get on with getting results.”

-- Rebecca Liston, Intuitive Business Consultant and Coach,, London, ON

“I did a coaching session with Lisa because I needed clarity and guidance about a big decision. There were so many directions I could go in. I needed good input, so I could get my ducks lined up in a row. Lisa helped me be more self-aware of my own thoughts and actions. I realized that what affected me most as a child was also behind why I want to help others in my work now. It made so much sense. That made me realize that we all react to our own insecurities-- and now I have even more
empathy for and awareness about others. That can change everything!”

-Isabel Iaconis, Hairstylist and Equine Therapy student, Sarnia, ON

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